Per David Menard request in an email, he would like all the Friends to know….

“Good evening, Friends!

I’m sorry I couldn’t be at your last meeting, because I would have shared this information with you then. I have several checks to ask you for, but I wanted to alert you in advance so you could ask questions if needed.

First is a check for $100 for Vikki Gasko Green, a ventriloquist we’d originally booked for the summer, but had to cancel because of our move. She’s been re-booked for November 7th; we’re due a check from the Sno-Isle Foundation for $250, so the balance is $100. (This program and another one we’ve re-scheduled for December were originally approved by the Friends back in October of last year.)

Second is a check for $100 for Missy Anderson, who is presenting a program on Mason bees at 3PM Thursday October 23rd.

Third is a check for $166.83 to Sno-Isle Libraries to purchase items for children’s Storytimes: Legos, puppets and soft toys. We’re offering Lego programs once a month in November, December, January and February, and we’ll most likely order more Legos later, as this is sure to be a popular kids activity.

That’s if from me – thank you for your support of programming for kids and teens on Camano! (We’re hosting a Teen Read Month celebration from 3-6 on Friday October 30 with pizza and prizes, and Angie will submit her receipts from that next month.)


PS I also have a bill from Sno-Isle for the landscape lighting for the Pillar of Wisdom outdoor sculpture, and I’ll present that to you at Thursday night’s meeting – I’m just the messenger on this one!”


Please consider these things to discuss or ask questions, at our next Meeting: Oct 22nd at 7pm.

Respectfully submitted,

Tamara Drake

Web Admin/Secretary