February Minutes

Camano Island Library Friends Meeting

February 25, 2016

In attendance:    Jim Ayers, Isabell Andrews-Durland, Ann Barbas, Gay Campbell, Oren Campbell, Ron Cooper, Jackie DeFazio, Tamara Drake, Chuck Durland, Lin Fogg, Pam Fredericksen, Allen Hall, Connie Hall, Tim Jones, ,  Lyn Kelley, Rose King, David Menard, Norma Mouton, David Perry, Nancy Pursel, Dena Rebozo, Michele Rushworth Barbara Scott, Kaye Sodt, Valerie Spagnolo, Shebaby Spencer, Doris Taylor.  18 members and 9 guests present.

Meeting was called to order 7:00pm by Vice President, Jim Ayers welcoming all and Oren Campbell introduced our guest speaker Tim Jones, humor writer for our own Camano Island Crab Cracker (just one of many!)

President Report- see letter below.


Vice President Report– Jim Ayers read a letter of Becky Wietzke’s resignation as President.

Dear Friends,

While I had hoped to see you all again in March, the Stephen Ministry training in which I have been involved will be extended to the second and fourth Thursdays of every month for continuing education.  I have asked Jim to continue to lead the group until the June elections.

Not only are you Friends of the Library, you are truly friends on a more personal level.  How amazing is it that from our first meeting of just a few interested people, we have expanded membership and, most important of all, have been instrumental in establishing a beautiful and thriving library on Camano Island!  I want to thank each member and, in particular, each person who has filled a leadership role alongside me in our endeavors.  It has been my privilege and joy to learn from you, work with you, and celebrate with you.  

Continue to grow and serve the library and community well, just as you have always done.  I look forward to meeting you in and among the bookshelves!

Your Friend and supporter always,


Jim confirms he will stay acting as VP, and until June.  However, Gayle Campbell mentions he should act as President, and have a VP.  Jim Ayers appointed Oren Campbell to be V.P. until re-elections in June. All in favor; none opposed.

Secretary Report– Tamara D. reports hard copies of the minutes are available in the library near the book sales.   Jan Mather replied to the minute reminder via email and wishes to let everyone know she is excited to come to her first meeting next month.  She just “loves, loves, loves the library!”

Website and Facebook continue to have updates, please check them out and click “LIKE” to help get the word out!  Post reach was 342, with 37 post engagements.  Share the page, invite your friends.  That way they get the notices of the meetings, see the programs we support for the library which are often other posts from the Camano Library.

Motion made by Gay Campbell to accept the minutes (January 2016) as written.  Jackie DeFazio seconded.  All approved. None opposed

Treasure Report– Lin Fogg presented financial report which is the following:


Balance – $12,070.01 as of 02/25/16


$    25.00 (Check 2204) Linda Fogg, Starbucks GC, Emma Kridler Library Staff

Total expenses: $281.50


$            0.98 Interest (Coastal Bank posted 01/29/16)

$       163.25 Membership Dues

$       229.40 Book Sales

Total income: $ 393.63


Advisory Report- Jim Ayers conveys the board will need to have meeting coming up to reflect the new mission statement formulated from the Friends, and will have our own outreach to help the Library as well. So be prepared for that coming soon.

Sno-Isle Report- Nancy Pursel relates the Sno-Isle is supporting a system wide membership in October; we will make sure your material is available to the public again.

Targeted emails are now allowed to help support Friend’s events.  For example if a book sale event is coming up, and a card holder has their home library marked for Stanwood, all those people will receive the email.  So we can do the same for your group.


Camano Library Report David Menard mentioned he is still waiting for a check from the books that were carted off from the book sale.  Nancy has been contacted.  He will keep us posted.

Art Committee Report- Norma Mouton relays there is a meeting tomorrow here, 9-12pm to make the final decision for the children’s room artist as they interview the final 3 artists, and meet with the donor shortly after.  The community room proposals were few in number (3), and we are presenting to the donors if we need to re-open the call to artists.

Budget ReportLin presented the annual budget as a guideline the Budget Committee (Ann Neupert, Oren Campbell, Lin Fogg, and Jim Ayers) formulated.

Camano Island Library Friends -2016 Budget

Current Balance of as 1/27/16                                                                    $              11,385.36


Membership                                                                                                     $              1,706.00

Book Sales (Note 2)                                                                                        $              3,160.00

Interest                                                                                                              $                     17.00

Total Income                                                                                                     $              4,883.00


Expenses                                                                                                                   Expenses

Library Programs – David M. (Manager) budget                                    $                6,750.00

Camano Island Chamber of Commerce Membership                            $                   140.00

Library Staff Gifts & Recognition                                                                 $                   175.00

Secretary of State filing, CILF website domain                                       $                     36.00

Events (Note 4)                                                                                                 $                   600.00

Office Supplies (checks, stamps, mailings, etc)                                    $                   600.00

Misc.   (Flowers for events, etc.)                                                                 $                   100.00

Total Expenses                                                                                      $                8,401.00


Note 1.  All income noted at 2015 levels rounded to the nearest dollar.

Note 2.  Includes August book sales total of $1, 014.00.  Book Sale box total:  $2,117.  Average monthly book sale box Aug-Jan:  $224.00, annualized:  $2,688.00

Note 3.  2015 Library Programs: $2,500.00

Notes 4.  Budgeted for four events at $150 each but there could be fewer if combined.

For instance, the one year celebration of the library could be combined with an art unveiling event.


Lin asks the board and members to use this budget as a guideline to allow her to pay for the programs noted within the Camano Library Budget proposal ($6,750.00).  As the programs are done, David Menard would submit to the Treasurer the receipts.  Instead of waiting for each receipt to be approved in the next month’s meeting, Lin asks that we allow her to pay the receipts immediately.

Jackie DeFazio mentions that simply by approving the budget bequest (see January minutes), this would make this possible.  Gayle agreed.  Connie Hall commented we should approve the entire budget of $8,401.00.  However, at this time Jim reminds us that this is a guideline and there may be some changes.  Next year (because of our tracking expenses and of the new membership/fundraiser drive) we should have a better projection of the budget.

Each quarter, Lin would give a report of the spending for programs.  Then we can see where we are with the budget.  If someone thinks of a better way to track the budget, please make a suggestion.

Jackie DeFazio motioned to approve the Camano Island Library budget of $6,750.00 with the intent for Lin Fogg, Treasurer to make payments upon receiving receipts from David Menard, manager of Camano Library.  Oren Campbell seconded.  All agreed.  None opposed.

Jim expresses gratitude to Lin for her hard work in spearheading the budget!

Mission Statement:  Barbara Scott reads:

“The Camano Island Library Friends advocate, educate and raise funds for programs, services, materials and equipment for our library in partnership with Sno-Isle Libraries.” 

Mission Statement committee (Jackie DeFazio, Gay Campbell, Ann Barbas, Jim Ayers and Barbara Scott) formulated the mission statement with much deliberation.

Jim asks a motion to be made to accept it as our new mission statement.  Kaye Sodt motions.  Connie Hall seconds.  All are in favor.  None opposed.

Old Business:  The imagination library discussion reflected that our mission and budget parameters which concluded there are insufficient funds and were not within our scope of the mission. Notification to Terry Greer will be given by Tamara Drake.  Jim asks that we have a motion to respectfully decline to support the Imagination Library at this time.  Oren Campbell motions, Jackie DeFazio seconds.  All in favor, none opposed.

Tamara D. reports she talked to Karla Jacks, Chamber President of Camano Island who we advised Terry should talk to from the prior meeting.  Karla Jacks informs they have to decline because of their mission statement, but could suggest an outreach from the boy scouts to have a fundraiser at the Camano Center in joint efforts with the Lyons or Kiwanis group.  Tamara Drake informed Terry Greer of those possibilities.

Fundraising and Membership update:  Connie Hall showed the “BE A BEST FRIEND” card for membership and donations.  This card was accomplished with quickness and expert design.  Connie praises Nancy Pursel and Sno-Isle’s graphic artist: Brenda Maloney who made this possible!  Connie personally thanks Nancy!  (Applaud!) She asks that we could impart a little thank you gift with a 1 lb of coffee and a chocolate from Camano Island Roasters.  Tamara Drake motions to made that happen for Nancy and Brenda.  Allan Hall seconded.  All in favor, none opposed.  Lin volunteered to make this happen.  Tamara started a thank you card to be sent around the room.

This will be a mailing with a letter and available at the library.  The card you have be sure to give it to a friend!  Our membership is now from July to June.  Connie relays that Lin has agreed to help get the membership.

Oren questions if it will do away with the present card that is out by the book sales?  Yes it will.  Envelopes similar to what we receive when we vote, have been ordered ($100 for 500 self addressed) , and will be the main expense.

Rose has sent Jim all the contacts that we used to request for art funding of the statue. We just need to write the letter (Connie will do end of April), and send it out, which Jim has offered to pay for.

Nancy offered letterhead can be printed with our Logo at no expense to the Friends.  We will need help stuffing envelopes, and you’ll see a request.

Very important: Stuart volunteers he will be helping with the data base to track all the monies.

Lin has the membership tracking for this year.

Jackie reminds us that the main purpose here is not just paying for membership, but it is a means to give a donation to help support the programs the Camano Library does and AV equipment needed.

Connie continues to relay cards are going to everywhere, all the time!  David will put the card in an envelope along with their new membership info.

Lin informs us that she is asked very frequently, “What do the Friends do?”  It is important to point out to people this Community Meeting room is a great asset!  For people who didn’t vote for the library, or uses another…point out our meeting room is available, free, and well used!  We are very fortunate to have our library.

Fill out your card and turn them in!  (At the Library or mail them in).

New business:

Dena Rebozo tried out new AV equipment:  iPod, adapter-in hopes it would show on the dropdown screen, and showed us the pictures from Dan Koffman, guest at Story time.  He helped kids paint like Lisa the elephant wearing sleeves, and dip their paint brush and away they went on the canvas as they are up on a bail of straw.  When they are done, they can dip their “trunk” into a bowl of apples for a treat, just like Lisa the elephant.  Thank you to the Friends for supporting the purchase of supplies and funding to make this program possible!  This was the largest Story time group ever!  Monday 10-11am! 40 people came (over half were ages 0-5 years old!)


Last week was shadow puppet, and we made the Stanwood Camano News paper!

Tamara Drake made mention that her son, Calvin is a speaker at the Port Susan Home & Garden show March 19th at 10am!  All are welcome to come and support him.  Just as we are members of the Chamber, we can be a part of events like this!  Jim mentioned he would be glad to take our membership cards to be at his table (Windermere).


Meeting adjourned 8:26pm.

Respectfully submitted,

Tamara Drake,

Secretary of Camano Island Library Friends

Next Meeting:  March 24, 7pm


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