March Minutes

Camano Island Library Friends Meeting

March 24, 2016

**In attendance:    Jim Ayers, Kyle Bingham, Sara Bingham, John Bingham, Becki Bingham, Dick Brich,  Gay Campbell, Oren Campbell, Jackie DeFazio, Tamara Drake,  Lin Fogg, Denise Garcia, Gwen Hoistad, Martha Huyler,  Allen Hall, Connie Hall, Lyn Kelley, Robin Mauer, David Menard,  Caroline Patrick, Nancy Pursel, Dena Rebozo, Barbara Scott, Nancy Tengelin, Doris Taylor.  16 members and 9 guests present.

Meeting was called to order 7:00pm by Vice President, Jim Ayers welcoming all and Tamara Drake introduced our guest speaker Kyle Bingham, adventurer and business owner.

Presentation Summary:  As African music played on a viewing of his 2 journeys to Mt. K in Africa, gave perspective of life’s trials.  In preparation and experiencing the slow movement when you reach altitude that has less oxygen, it takes its toll on the human body, mind, and spirit.  Makes you reflect on life.  Fun fact:  Kilimanjaro daylight is 12 hours, so night time comes very quick!  Through reflecting on the book: Seven Summits, Kyle was inspired to go out and explore!   Lesson:  Not to let your adventure stay between the pages of the book.  Get out and go explore!  The powerful thing he learned  was that traveling all the way on the other side of the world, fundraising to climb this 19K foot mountain, it was at first horribly terrifying, then the second time since overcoming the giant fear, now gave him confidence; the confidence to push yourself out of your comfort zone.  From that emotion, it spearheaded a business from this!  Now he follows his heart, and makes a living out of it!  Now he helps others experience that and encourages people to look at documentaries, and bios to learn from others experiences and to make your own experiences.   Ultimately, he was inspired to create a business plan which will allow others to make their own experience to traveling places afar a reality.   The group had many questions for him and explored his wealth of knowledge and experience.


President Report- Jim A. rectifies that last month he should have asked for an acting Vice President while he is stepping up to be President.


Vice President and Membership Report– Jim asks Lin Fogg to elect a person for membership and VP, and she nominates Connie Hall.   Jim seconds the motion, all in favor. None opposed.  Oren points out that when June comes up for re-elections we can make this final.  Jim recognizes Connie Hall’s efforts for the new membership program.  Connie provided an update which we will be asked to pay our membership next month after things are set up for tracking purposes.  The membership will be effective from January 2016 to July 2017 to give enough time for setting up the details and data base.  A list will be brought to show if you are current.  At the end of the year a brochure will show your level of giving, and also show the programs supported with commemorative pictures.


Secretary Report– Tamara Drake corrected the names, for Barbas and Gay, and resubmitted.  Gay Campbell motions to accept the minutes.  Jackie DeFazio seconds.  All are in favor.  None opposed.

Treasure Report– Lin Fogg presented financial report and gives a snap shot for the budget which is at 14% of our total projected expenses.  Note:  12% is directly for the library programs of the 14%.

Balance – $11,661.21 as of 03/24/16


$300.00   (Check 2203) David Menard “Gifts of Artist’s Way” Program

$   40.00   (Check 2205) Camano Marketplace Gift Cards for Nancy Pursel and Brenda Maloney

$   15.04    (Check 2206) Mary Jennings, Story-time Supplies

$122.63     (Check 2207) Angela Davis, Teen Program Food and Prizes

$362.09     (Check 2208) Dena Rebozo, Adult and Children’s Programs, Podium and Microphone for Community Meeting Room

$   41.44    (Check 2209) Dena Rebozo, “Kaffeeklatsch” with Authors Program

Total expenses: $881.20


$     0.94 Interest (Coastal Bank posted 2/29/16)

$   10.00 Membership Dues

$223.11 Book Sales

$238.35 Thrift Recycling Management (Books left over from 8/15 Book Sale)

Total income: $472.40

Advisory Report- Jim Ayers conveys the board goal was to reflect the mission statement.  They are planning an active meeting to discuss more.   Stay tuned.  It’s going to be an activist group!

Sno-Isle Report- Nancy Pursel relates the Sno-Isle has been working on the 10 year facility plan.  They have had community meetings and is taking a little longer than planned, but the preliminary reports will be available in May.  Then they will have a second feedback survey on what people would like to see in their library.  Please do take a look at it for what is proposed for your community in the next 10 years.

Ted X is coming again in November; Sno-Isle is looking for volunteers for helping with the TedX programming.  Please contact Nancy P.

 Camano Library Report David Menard ties into TedX, and mentions that it is evident that Libraries create community!  All those people getting ready to go on stage….as commented by a businessman seeing it was evident that the Library is bringing in business to the area!

He showed us the monthly newsletter! April calendar shows teen member (BTW we are the only library advisory that has a teen member on the board!)  And SHE is on the cover!  The expenditures for the library are going well.  He will try to stay within, but may diverge occasionally.

Art Committee Report- Gay Campbell gives an update that interviews are in the process for the pieces.  The children’s room artist will be Jim Reinhardt with a Soap Box derby.

New business:

Jackie DeFazio proposes that we look into insurance for our officers, and requests Nancy to explain what other friends groups do?

Nancy P. relates that the Sno-Isle does cover insurance for friends groups; however the Director& Officer’s insurance is something that is not covered.  She relates that it is exceedingly expensive.  An attorney have looked into this on behalf of the Sno-Isle and relates that there is a law called the Good Samaritan Law which states you are not liable for acting in good faith.  The D & O insurance would come into play when there is a malicious act where a person is grossly negligible.

“It is a concern when we are getting people’s credit card information, and perhaps if we are hacked, would our treasurer be liable for that?”  asks, Jackie DeFazio.

Currently we are set up to receive credit card payments through PayPal, which is secure, however, when someone writes their information on a membership card, how is that protecting their information?

Martha Huyler mentions at CASA they have to carry D&O insurance to protect them against any one blaming them of doing something to their animal.  It is very expensive, but they found the best rate through A&U Insurance for $600/year.

Jackie suggests we form an executive committee to discuss this further.  Jim will send out an email notice.

Nancy P. explains that Thomas Associates is the Sno-Isle Insurance broker, and they in turn cover all the Friends groups.

Jim will follow-up with a report next month.

Dena Rebozo mentions they are having an event coming up for End of Life.  Also “What’s Happening” would be great to get into lunch rooms as families are going on Spring Break shortly.  She has flyers available.  This is our outreach with flyers and brochures that let businesses know what’s going on in the community.  Please share!

Jim mentions to share on Facebook!  Tamara will put together a step by step worksheet on how to share, and help walk us through it next month.

Meeting adjourned 8:28pm.

Respectfully submitted,

Tamara Drake,

Secretary of Camano Island Library Friends

COMING UP!               Next Meeting:  April 28, 7pm.


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