June 2015

Camano Island Library Friends Meeting Minutes

June 25, 2015

 Present: Jim Ayers, Ann Barbas, Gay Campbell, Oren Campbell, Frank DeFazio, Jackie DeFazio, Pam Fredericksen, Linda Fogg, Connie Hall, Gwen Hoistad, Inez M. Hushagen, Lyn Kelley, David Menard, Norma Mouton, Ann Neupert, Nancy Pursel, Mary Raymond, Mike Shea, Susan Shea, Becky Wietzke.

The President called the meeting to order at 7:03p.m.

Jim Ayers was welcomed as a new member to the Friends as well as a new Board member. Jonalyn Woolf-Ivory, Executive Director for Sno-Isle Libraries, presented Susan Hempstead as the new Strategic Relations Manager for Sno-Isle.


Secretary: Pam Fredericksen moved that the minutes be approved as printed. Lyn Kelley seconded the motion. The motion passed and the minutes were approved as presented.

Treasurer: Linda Fogg presented the Treasurer’s report. As of June 24, 2015, the Friends have a balance of $10,453.58. Total expenses for June 2343 $1,058.59 which included $950.00 paid to Simply Magic LLC for the summer reading kick-off assemblies at Elger Bay and Utsalady elementary schools and $108.59 to Sno-Isle Libraries for Kindle Fire. The income for June was $146.73. This included $131.05 in book sales, $14.26 in membership dues and $1.42 interest.

VP/Membership: Oren Campbell reported that our membership is up to 117 members.

President: There is no report.

Advisory Board: Jim Ayers presented the report stating that the Board has three new members.

Sno-Isle: Nancy Pursel asked that we save the date for the following events:

  1. October 3, the Friends and Board event at the Museum of Flight, 10am-2pm and includes lunch
  2. November 6, TED Talks, short powerful inspirational talks to be presented at the Edmonds Center for the Arts, this is a volunteer driven event.

Jonalyn Woolf-Ivory presented a report on the progress of the new facility. She mentioned that a target date had not yet been set, but the Foundation is interested in sponsoring a pre-opening event. Susan Hempstead would be coordinating those effort and seeks volunteers to help out with both the reception and the ribbon cutting.

Camano Island Library: David Menard presented the budget report and mentioned that the Summer Kick-off that would be in next month’s report would specify how much was spent for teen books. He was asked if we would still be meeting next month on Thursday at 7p.m. He responded that we would be meeting on Thursday, July 23 at the usual time. He also suggested that those groups/individuals wanting to schedule events for the new library facility should make their room reservations as early as possible.

Old Business

Art Committee: Norma Mouton mentioned that she has been in touch with Josh Henrie, the artist responsible for the sculpture that will be showcased outside the library. He will be getting married in early August. He plans to install the sculpture before the end of July, but will be going on his honeymoon to return by August 18th and so requests that the dedication be held after that date.

Connie Hall, in charge of the fundraising efforts for the permanent art, announced that the sculpture has now been fully funded. Plaques will need to be provided for the various permanent pieces and she suggested that the Friends should take on that responsibility.

Connie moved that the Friends host seven receptions for the dedication of each of the permanent art pieces. The cost would be approximately $150.00. Ann Barbas seconded the motion and it passed.

Book Sale: Oren Campbell and Karen Schmidt are seeking volunteers for the sale to be held on a Saturday one week after the grand opening of the new facility. Oren passed out a sign-up sheet. Becky Wietzke suggested that we need to focus on gathering children’s books for the sale.

Elections: Becky Wietzke pointed out that the positions of both Secretary and VP/Membership will be coming vacant as of September. No one has yet agreed to fill either position. Norma Mouton and Oren Campbell presented a brief overview of the responsibilities of each of their positions. Oren moved to defer the elections until the July meeting. Norma seconded and the motion passed. Jackie DeFazio suggested that we do a Call for Candidates. Discussion included either combining or sharing positions.

Mary Raymond moved that we put out a Call for Candidates and include the possibility of sharing the position(s). Connie Hall seconded and the motion passed.

The meeting adjourned at 8:00p.m. The next meeting will be July 23, 2015 at 7:00pm.

Respectfully submitted,

Norma Mouton, Secretary

Camano Island Library Friends


Volunteers are needed to fill two upcoming vacancies: 1) Secretary and 2) Vice-President

Each position is for a period of two years with these offices both being filled in odd years.


Secretary—to record the minutes of all meetings and to conduct the correspondence of the organization

Vice-President—to assist the president, perform the duties of the president in that officer’s absence, and act as chairperson of the membership committee

Either or both of these positions may be shared between two or more people. Please consider serving your community in one of these positions. Together we can make a difference.


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