December 2015

Camano Island Library Friends Meeting

December 17, 2015

In attendance:  Jim Ayers, Ann Barbas, Gay Campbell, Oren Campbell, Jackie DeFazio, Tamara Drake, Pam Fredericksen,  Allen Hall, Connie Hall, Gwen Hoistad, Martha Huyler, Rose King, David Menard,  Ann Neupert, Patty Paddock, Karen Schmidt, Barbara Scott, Mike Shea, Susan Shea, Kaye Sodt, Liz Tarbet, Bill Thorn.  22 members present.  This meeting was recorded with permission of the group with no objections.

Meeting was called to order 7:00pm by Vice President, Jim Ayers.

President Report- None.

 Vice President Report– Jim Ayers is also on the Library Advisory Board, and the discussion will also follow what we plan from this meeting.  It would be pertaining to helping the Friends develop the membership dues wrapping it with a fundraiser that Connie Hall is going to propose tonight.  Agenda reviewed for tonight’s meeting:  Mission Statement needs to be updated, Budget Needs to be formed, present a new way to make money.

Secretary Report– The minutes for November 2015, motion to approve by Jim Ayers, 1st by Ann Neupert, and seconded by Jackie DeFazio with the spelling correction of Terry Greer, and Bill Thorn was approved.  Tamara Drake informs us that emails sent out using our email: was very successful sent in segments.  To inform people without emails, calls were made to about 65 people; and also collected 13 more emails.  Of those who had no email, they were interested in seeing a notice in the Crab Cracker or the SCNews.  Tamara Drake proposes if possible to include notices through paper media, and to have a couple of copies available of the minutes at the Camano Library.  David mentions the Crab Cracker already has the Camano library Calendar of events.  Example:

Jim Ayers says to go ahead and make it so to do paper media notices available. No vote needed.

Gay Campbell mentions in the past we mailed to people. It wouldn’t be a bad idea to mail a postcard once in a while to say we want to include you, here are the dates we meet.

Patricia Bloom: Phone tree can be timely, but postcard is very handy.

Jim Ayers offers to handle direct mailing to our members as a contribution. It could be done for all members. (Connie H. mentions this is type of thing she’s talking about to track because this would fall under “in-kind” contribution.)

Barbara Scott likes the idea of the post card of the reminder, but also to include the details of the speakers, or upcoming programs. Getting on the computer can be very hard for some people.

Oren Campbell reminds us that if anyone has a speaker interested in talking to the friends, please see him afterwards.

Treasure Report

December 9, 2015 Treasurer’s Report

Balance – $11,524.38 as of 12/9/15


$     26.00 (Check 2191) Tamara Drake, Website domain registration renewal

$     30.30 (Check 2196) Dena Rebozo, Storytime Supplies

$     66.75 (Check 2197) Mary Jennings, Misc. children’s supplies and      decorations

$   200.15 (Check 2198) Angela Davis, Teen Program

$   158.67 (Check 2199) Sno-Isle Libraries – Legos

$     20.00 (Check 2200) Karen Schmidt – Library Staff Birthday Gifts

Total expenses: $501.87


$         1.47 Interest (Coastal Bank posted 11/30/15)

$       10.00 Membership Dues

$        93.04 Total book sales

Total income: $ 104.51


Linda Fogg, Treasurer


Advisory Report- None.

Sno-Isle Report-  None.

 Camano Library Report David Menard, no report other than, we had some money left over from snack money for the Teens. He will forward it to another event as needed.

Art Committee Report- David informs the teen area art was hung today.  It was donated from Duane Simshauser who offered any piece that he had, and the Art Committee agreed on this piece.  It will be dedicated along with other pieces for the reading room and the children’s area.  The John Ebner and the Dan Koffman art piece are in process due for February or March.

Old Business:  Imagination Library decision to support is going to be talked about in January.

New business:

Camano Chamber of Commerce: Ann Barbas mentions the renewal is due.  Jim will send email will be sent to Lynn Fogg to pay for this.

Fundraising Proposal and Membership Approach: Connie Hall, chairman of fundraising, presents the concept to have a fundraiser that will support a robust budget of $12,000.00.  It will be simple, non-labor intensive and easy to understand.  It will acknowledge the givers who at any amount will be known as a friend.  Sponsors and business, family, individuals, patrons will be acknowledging for their giving efforts as a commemorative annual magazine.  This is done by many organizations such as the Opera or Housing Hope.  The magazine will promote and show the community and givers how their money is making a difference.  Such past events like the community ready (Tiger), summer reading programs, and literacy programs for adults are just a few.

In the past Connie Hall reminds us of their valiant efforts and labor intensive fundraisers. We are not interested in this approach!  Instead we can model our fundraising efforts after the art fundraising where donors gave us money as tribute.  We simply asked for contributions.  It was the easiest way without a lot of effort.  It was very successful.

THE PLAN: The idea would be that our dues could be wrapped into tiers of giving.  It would be matched equally with the activities that we’re going to do. It would be tracked throughout the year through a sophisticated database.  Letters to donors would also be issued for tax purposes.  At the end of the year, we would have a magazine.  It would convey information that may convey: “With Your Contribution this is what we did! And this is how you helped our community”.  It would show the tiers of giving with donor’s names, photographs of the events, and programs the Friends support to help bring value to the community.  There are samples of what those brochures would look like, and Sno-Isle has offered their help to help publish this.

Tonight’s main request from you is to ask your permission to go ahead with this to help raise money.


A robust goal of $12,000.00 for the first year is very attainable. The past fundraiser for the art coming into the Camano Library, raised $33,500 in a very short time of 5 months.  (Part of it was from a grant). The asking of money is the simplest way to raise funds. It would include businesses and individuals who would be publically recognized.  No small contribution or large contribution would be weighed in any differently.  Weather you gave $10 or $1,000, you’re still a friend of the library.  The library board would dovetail the activities and be asked to help promote the library to show what the CILF does for the community.  It will take some details, and some coordinating within the fundraising committee, but very possible.  Connie has talked extensively with Jackie DeFazio, Rose King, and Jim Ayers about this idea.

As discussion of concerns and comments are the following:

  1. Jim Ayers presents the idea of possibly having a monthly newsletter stating the names of “platinum” level members as we develop this. Example: for $10 you’re a friend of the Library, for $100 you’re a patron, for $1000 you’re a God/Goddess f the library! No set details are finalized at this point. But sooner the better, because it’s time to renew memberships!
  2. Oren Campbell questions if you already sent in money for the membership, what will that categorize at? Connie responds, it would be go toward your tier, and automatically you are a Friend.
  3. Oren C. expresses concern with elitism. As a group we should not looked down at anyone for giving small amounts. We don’t want anyone to feel uncomfortable. Connie affirms, if you go to the Opera you see who gave money, or like the Housing Hope magazine it shows who gave, and how the money is being used. When you give to the Friends, no matter what amount, you become a Friend. And now the magazine will show how your money is being utilized to benefit the community.
  4. Gwen Hoistad relays how she likes that now we would have a visual showing people what their money is being used for presently and in the future.
  5. Liz Tarbet doesn’t want this fundraiser to forego Ann Barbas Tea fundraiser that raises over $1,000 with a simple tea bag! Connie Hall responds that it wouldn’t preclude it, in fact it would be tracked and be included in the giving. For example, the $20 that went for Tea, would be added to your contribution. If we don’t have a way to track it, it is a disservice to the donor! With this proposal and using the database, now we will have some accountability.
  6. Allen Hall reminds us that in the past we’ve done poorly. For example a gentleman gave $2,000.00 to the library auction who was not present. Later, he was given a thank you letter, but he wasn’t recognized publically.   By having a magazine with tiers, this is a great way be able to recognize contributions.
  7. Martha Huyler voices her concern that we need to have our mission statement in place before asking money. We need to have clear picture of the mission. What are the friends of the library? What is our role? How much money we need to reach a portion of that mission? What is our plan outlining how we are going to do it?  Connie explains, yes, I agree the mission statement should be the driving the fundraiser, but at the same time, we need to start having a way to make money. In order to have a budget, we need to have a way to make money, which coincides with knowing how much money we project to make, and how we can support programs within our mission. Connie recognizes Martha having wonderful ideas, and perhaps she could help on the mission statement.
  8. Martha H. mentions we had a goal to have a building, and we got it, but trying to figure out what we’re doing here. Connie informs that David M. has some projected estimates for the library. We have to raise money, and we need a way other than book sales. We currently have about $10K. If we don’t have a plan to make money (a vehicle) to facilitate reaching our goals, and a budget. They all go hand in hand. If you’d like to help with the mission statement please sign up. Jim Ayers interjects we need to do all 3 of outlining the budget, plan to make money, and how we are going to spend it. We need to get going on it.
  9. David Menard gives estimate for Library $9,000.00 will be needed for Teens: $2K; summer programming (Steam) $2-3K; adult programming: $4K. In January this estimate will be asked to be approved to support the Camano Library.
  10. Ann Neupert brings up a point that we are all too busy to help with a fundraiser. We don’t have time to beg for auction items. Haul books here and there. This is an easy way to write a check with not a lot of effort. And it lets us have time for other things in our lives.
  11. Martha Huyler brings up we need someone like the Treasurer to track the funds. Liz Tarbet mentioned that she did that with membership on a spreadsheet. Connie informs us that we will need a special database system. Martha: Single checks are easy to track, but if extra $10 cash…that will be more difficult to track. She gave examples from dog washes at CASA.
  12. Jackie DeFazio thinks we should not have multiple fundraisers going on at the same time.   It may burn people out. If we decide to do a tiered giving, we should do that after the mission statement is done, not before. She agrees with Martha if we’re going to change the mission statement, we need that first. Then we go public with the plan after we figure what the tiers are, and what they are going to fund. If you don’t, it may hurt our credibility of the Friends.
  13. Connie Hall agrees credibility is very important because like what Allen H. said, when people give money and want to handle it correctly or you get yourself in trouble. Once it is set up, it will be fairly invisible.
  14. There’s no guarantee if this is going to work, but what Connie can tell us, is that she’s studied over 200 samples for over a year. This is going to be something the fundraising committee is going to be trusted with to go move forward quickly. If every detail is presented to the group of every decision needed, it will move very slowly. Let the committee go forth with this. Yes, it is a different concept, and this would be a great way to show the community how the funds of the library are being spent making a difference in our community. Our last mission was to become permanent, now let’s show the community what we can do!
  15. Martha Huyler: Would it be yearly? Connie: Yes! This is not accumulative. All donations will be tracked on a database.   A letter would be sent out, saying thank you for being a friend.
  16. Ann Neupert: Would we also get letters for the IRS? Connie: Yes.


Since it is a fundraising committee, a show of hands is all that is needed to move this concept forward (not a vote). Jim Ayers requested a show of hands to support of this idea of fundraising that wraps dues in with donations to support the Friends.  It would have tiers of giving and a commemorative annual magazine recognizing the donors and showing what the Friends of the Library does for the community. A brochure would first be made to introduce this concept.

A majority of hands were raised; therefore the concept has been given permission from the Friends.

Connie states, she will be in touch with the fundraising committee to proceed on this. Thank you!

Budget Committee: Jim mentions that it’s been very clear that we want a budget.  Several people have voiced interest to have a budget, so a signup sheet is going around to help with this decision.  It would formulate what our immediate goals and stretched goals would be for the future.

Mission Committee: Jim also has a signup sheet going around the room.  He has put together a brief statement noted on the agenda:

In partnership with Sno-Isle Library, the Camano Island Library Friends will enhance library services and programs through community support.

It’s a start, but needs work to fully include our goals. We need your help!

We want the community to be involved with the teen programs. We want to outreach.  What could the library do for teen suicide? –was a request from a high school member. Sno-Isle has mission and value statements available.

David Menard reads the By-laws of the Friends: Article 2: Purpose, Section 1.

CILF has been organized exclusively for charitable purposes to support and enhance library services in partnership with Sno-Isle.

General response was that is well put, however, Jim is hoping to see more verbiage such as “to enhance the life of Camano Island”. And Martha H. suggests throwing little individual things in there to support.

Connie Hall brainstorms out loud:  “if money is not an issue, perhaps down the line we have a tier that addresses a fund that will support special programs.”

3 people signed up for the budget:   Oren Campbell, Tamara Drake, and Ann Neupert

4 people signed up for the mission statement: Jackie DeFazio, Barbara Scott, Tamara Drake, and Gay Campbell

Jim suggests the committee comes back with 3 or 4 ideas for it and we will work it out at a general meeting.

Web Admin Report- None.

Meeting adjourned 7:48pm. We enjoyed our time socializing afterwards with Christmas deserts and exchanging books!

Picture1 cat in the hat reading book together


Respectfully submitted,

Tamara Drake,

Secretary of Camano Island Library Friends

Next Meeting: January 28th, 7pm.

Program Speaker:  Sherri Graham from the Sylvan Learning.

Come learn about what the Sylvan Stem Course can provide for our kids! Sylvan offers cutting –edge STEM classes for your child.  These are great after-school activities that help kids learn critical skills for the future.  We will be explaining our new robotics and coding classes.  And we will be showing a robot from the robotics course as well as a sample of the coding class.  We look forward to seeing you there at the Camano Library Friends meeting, January 28, 7pm.


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