January 2016

Camano Island Library Friends Meeting

January 28, 2016

In attendance:  Jim Ayers, Ann Barbas, Gay Campbell, Oren Campbell, Jackie DeFazio, Calvin Drake, Tamara Drake, Lin Fogg, Sherri Graham, Terry Greer, Connie Hall, Gwen Hoistad,  Inez M. Hushagen, Lyn Kelley,  Rose King, David Menard,  Norma Mouton, Jane Mosteller, Ann Neupert, Nancy Pursel, Mary Raymond, Barbara Scott, Mike Shea, Kaye Sodt, Bill Thorn.  21 members and 3 guests present.

Meeting was called to order 7:00pm by Vice President, Jim Ayers welcoming all and introduced guest speakers, Sherri Graham and Jane Mosteller from Sylvan Learning.

Presentation summary: Sylvan Learning would like to extend learning resources to better our community in education to be available through the library.   Presentation folders and information provided outlining services.  Go to http://www.sylvanlearning.com/ to find out about all their resources.

Specifically for the library outreach program, we could help make available the following programs:

2016-01-28 19.14.39

 Jane Mosteller shows LEGO Robotics

Book Adventure:  A free online program that gives K-8 students a reason to read.  Students create book lists, take online comprehension quizzes and accumulate points for prizes.

Robotics Demo Class:  Sylvan will come to the library and offer a free robotics class.  Student will work in pairs building a robot with LEGO bricks and animating them with the net books.

SAT/ACT Practice Tests: Sylvan will come to the library and proctor a SAT or ACT tests.  Tests, pencils and proctors are provided.  Students will take a full length test and receive results.  We can offer a results night where parents are invited for a TEST Stress Seminar.   http://www.sylvanlearning.com/prep/act-test-prep.


Sylvan Play:  Sylvan has a variety of free aps that are educational.  Families can add them to their phones or tablets.     CLICK HERE:  http://www.sylvanlearning.com/resources/sylvanplay

Sylvan Seminars: Sylvan has a variety of parent seminars that can be offered for parents.

The list includes:

Forgotten Math for Parents

Test Stress:  A Parent’s Real Guide to College Test Prep

Algebra Spoken Here

Middle School/High School Transitions


President Report- None.


Vice President Report– Jim Ayers


Secretary Report– Tamara Drake informs us that emails sent out using our email: CamLibrFriends@gmail.com was very successful sent in segments.  The crab cracker has been notified and requested to post an announcement of meetings to reach people without emails.

Treasure Report– Lynn Fogg read the December financial report (see December Meeting) and read the January financial report which is the following.

Advisory Report- None.

Sno-Isle Report- Nancy Pursel reported the TedX programming was such a huge success, that they will once again be doing another!

As noted from this site: http://sno-isle.org/news/?nid=826

“Sno-Isle Libraries offers special TEDxLIVE event

Originally published Feb. 1, 2016

Over a thousand attendees will spend at least $6,000 to attend the upcoming TED2016 DREAM Conference in Vancouver, British Columbia. But Sno-Isle Libraries will livestream the second day of the conference free of charge at its Coupeville and Darrington libraries.

The events will take place Tuesday, Feb. 16, from 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. at Coupeville Library, 788 NW Alexander St., and Darrington Library, 1005 Cascade St.

The TED2016 conference will be dedicated to the greatest dreams humanity is capable of dreaming. The 19 speakers featured at the library events will range from a cardiologist to a cartoonist, a hip-hop artist to a “stranger enthusiast.” The list of speakers and times of their presentations are available online at sno-isle.org/tedx/live.

Attendees are asked to register online to attend the Coupeville Library event. They can register for Darrington Library by emailing the library manager at ABryson@sno-isle.org. The library district is calling the events TEDxCoupevilleLibraryLive and TEDxDarringtonLibraryLive. Some of the talks shown may not be made available to view later online. Library attendees and staff will be given time during the event to discuss ideas that surface from the talks.

More information is available online at sno-isle.org/tedx/live.

Ken Harvey, communications director for Sno-Isle Libraries, noted that TEDxRainier will live-stream talks from the TED conference on Wednesday, Feb. 17 at the Spitfire Lounge in Seattle. Registration and information are available online at TEDxRainierLive.

About the TED Conference

The TED2016 conference theme is “Dream” and will be dedicated to the greatest dreams humanity is capable of dreaming. It will be a week spent examining humanity’s toughest challenges, as well as listening to approximately 100 of the greatest thinkers, artists and storytellers in the world.

The annual TED Conference, is taking place Feb. 15-19, 2016. This annual conference is held on the West Coast of North America, in Vancouver, British Columbia. More than a thousand people attend this five-day conference about Technology, Entertainment and Design. The conference also covers science, business, the arts and global issues. Speakers from around the globe appear on the main stage to give 18-minute talks and shorter presentations, including music, performance and comedy.

For more information on the TED Conference, go to ted.com/attend/conferences/ted-conference.”

Camano Library Report David Menard read and submitted:

2016 Camano Island Friends Budget Request

The Camano Island Library requests funding for programs and equipment that are above the normal operating expenses provided by Sno-Isle Libraries. These requests help us meet the goals in our strategic plan and enhance library services and resources for customers of all ages. We greatly appreciate this ongoing support from the Friends as we strive to create a vibrant gathering place of people, ideas and culture for Camano Island residents.

Adult Services Enhancement                                  $100

Used for providing flash drives as a service to library customers (sold for $5 and reimbursed to Friends) and Fax cards.

Adult Programming Classes and Events                $1800

For speaker honorariums, refreshments, and podium. Monthly programs with topics like “The Gifts of the Artist’s Way” (inspiring creativity), End of Life Planning and Advance Directive Seminar, and local author panel discussion.

Stanwood/Camano Together We Read                                                                             $1500

Support of author visit, adjunct programs and funding for 20 copies of the selected title.

Children’s Programming                                                                                                      $1500

Performer fees at Explore Summer kick-off event at Utsalady and Elger Bay elementary schools.            .                                                                                                                              $1000

Children’s programming supplies                                                                                          $ 200

Explore Summer book prizes                                                                                                    $ 300

Teen Programming                                                                                                                $1850

Craft supplies and snacks for monthly programs such as Teen Friday Matinee and Teen Cooking Mugs in Microwaves                                                                                                  $900

Special presenters (in partnership with Stanwood) such as the Bigfoot program $600


Summer reading prizes                                                                                                             $ 350

Total for all requests                                                                                                         $6750


Art Committee Report- Norma Mouton gives update that about 4 artists have submitted proposals for the 2nd reading room art piece, and the children’s room.   The committee will review and collaborate to discuss the options.  The main reading room piece by Dan Koffman is almost ready!  There will be a dedication on the same day, to be determined, for all of these pieces upon completion.

Old Business:  Imagination Library program was presented once again by Terri Greer who relays that since his initial presentation (Febrary 2015), several other organizations have been willing to help the cause (every child 5 yrs old or younger can receive a free book in 2015-02-27 19.06.39the mail every month).  Mike Shea who is also a club member of the Stanwood Rotary who supports the Imagination Library has filled him in on some concerns and questions the Friends of the Camano Library may have had.  So, he reviewed the program, and in putting no pressure on us, thanked us for allowing him to help explain.  They still are in need of support.  Pamphlets are available at many pre-schools, and as a sponsor our name would appear on it.  The members of the Imagination Library have dwindled down and so without asking other groups or individuals, it would not be available to our children, our community.  If we know of any group or individuals who would like to help be a sponsor, it would be greatly appreciated.  And whatever commitment the Friends of the Camano Library can do would help immensely.  We asked him if he had talked to the Stanwood Library Friends, or the Camano Chamber of Commerce, and he had not due to not knowing a contact.  We advised Karla Jacks would be a great person to talk to!


New business:

Fundraising Proposal and Membership Approach: Connie Hall presented once again the concept of how to BE A BEST FRIEND of the Library as a fundraiser wrapped into paying for membership.  She showed us a 2-sided card outlining the idea.

Connie simply asks us to have a vote to give it a try. The mission statement committee will continue to formulate a mission statement, the budget committee will address the funds needed to support library programs, and possibly outreach programs.  All the while, Connie Hall and Patricia Bloom will work on the brochure.  Sno-Isle has agreed to help with publishing and printing the brochures, as well as the commemorative magazine that will show people what their financial contributions support.  We will need a photographer, and many good pictures to reflect our efforts.  For details from the first introduction of this concept and talk, please see December’s Meeting Minutes.

Jim Ayers asked a show of hands accepting this concept. All agreed, none opposed.

Budget Committee and Mission Committee Sign-ups! Jim mentions that it’s been very clear that we want a budget.  Several people have voiced interest to have a budget to help support the mission statement (to be formulated), so a signup sheet is going around.  Meetings will be held next week at Windermere office 10am on Monday Feb 2 (Budget), and Wednesday, Feb 4 (Mission).  Please sign-up!

Book Sale Helpers Needed: Mike Shea who currently monitors the book sale shelves with restocking and sorting will be on vocation.  Lin Fogg and Gay Campbell will continue to help as needed.
Web Admin Report- None.

Meeting adjourned 8:17pm.

Respectfully submitted,

Tamara Drake,

Secretary of Camano Island Library Friends

Next Meeting: February 25, 7pm.

Our next Guest Program Speaker:  TIM JONES!

About Tim Jones


Tim Jones is a free lance humor writer based who, along with his wife, moved to Camano Island in the fall of 2014. He is the author of the popular humor blog View from the Bleachers, which discusses a wide range of topics from parenting to current events to pop culture.

Some of his personal favorite articles include:

  • Don’t let your dishwasher destroy your marriage
  • Rumor has it I may be the next Pope
  • Always lie to your kids
  • My fleeting friendship with an Internet scammer, and
  • Why does Montana hate me?

Tim’s View from the Bleachers column is also carried regularly in the Crab Cracker and several online humor websites. And he has just published a book based on a collection of his humor essays on parenting called YOU’RE GROUNDED FOR LIFE – Misguided Parenting Strategies That Sounded Good at the Time.

For most of the past 35 years, Tim was a senior level sales and marketing executive in various industries including newspapers, Internet startups, and more recently leadership training. Tim earned an MBA in Marketing as well as a law degree from The Ohio State University and he is a Phi Beta Kappa graduate from University of Virginia.

Tim is married to nationally known portrait artist, Michele Rushworth, who will also be on the Mother’s Day Tour this year. They are the parents of two girls, Rachel and Emily, ages 21 and 20, whom they adopted from China as babies. Tim is enormously proud of his daughters – even though both of them are embarrassed to be seen with him in public. Tim recently retired to devote more time to trying to embarrass his kids with his humor writing.

Please welcome Tim Jones.



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