July 2015

Camano Island Library Friends Meeting Minutes

July 23, 2015


Present: Kaye Sodt, Lyn Kelley, Rose King, Mary Raymond, Pam Fredericksen, Ann Neupert, Connie Hall, Alan Hall, Jackie DeFazio, Bill Thorn, Inez Hushagen, Ann Barbas, Jim Ayers, Tamara Drake, Mike Shea, Sue Shea, Oren Campbell, Gay Campbell.


Call to order. The meeting was called to order at 7 p.m. by Vice President Oren Campbell.

New library tour. Jeanne Crisp, project manager for the new Camano Island Library, led the group on a tour of the new library building.

Opening celebrations. Becky Bolte, Sno-Isle staff member, talked about the July 31 library opening reception and August 1 grand opening and asked for volunteers to help with those events. A sign-up sheet was circulated and provided to her.

Approval of minutes. Jackie DeFazio moved approval of the June meeting minutes as submitted. The motion was seconded by Mary Raymond and unanimously approved.


Treasurer. Linda Fogg submitted a report that the group has a balance of $10,487.47 as of July 23, 2015. Income for the month was $203.19 and expenses were $169.30.

VP/Membership. Oren Campbell reported we now have 118 members. He circulated a list of current members and asked those present to check to be sure their names are on the list as currently paid members.

Camano Island Library advisory board. Connie Hall and Pam Frederickson reported there are three new members on the board and new officers have been selected.

Old Business

Library art committee report. At the request of committee chair Norma Mouton, committee member Gay Campbell reported the granite piece has been installed outside of the new library and the art committee has suggested it be dedicated at a special event on September 26.  Funders have stepped forward for all proposed pieces of permanent art in the new library, which are two pieces in the reading room, a piece in the meeting/multipurpose room, the mobile for the children’s room and the metal scupture to go outside the library which will be designed by John Ebner.   A call for artist proposals for the large piece for the reading room has been issued. Other calls for proposals will gradually be issued and the pieces will be individually installed and dedicated.

Book sale. The book sale is Saturday, August 8. Oren reported the meeting room has been scheduled for August 6 through 8. He asked for volunteers to work on Thursday and Friday sorting books and for staffing the sale on Saturday.

Nominating committee report/election of officers

Jim Ayres was nominated as vice president. Jackie DeFazio moved for approval. Kay Sodt seconded the motion and it passed unanimously.

Tamara Drake said she would be willing to work with someone else to fill the secretary post.  Jackie moved acceptance of Tamara for a shared secretary position. Kaye Sodt seconded the motion and it passed.  Oren asked for someone else to share that position but no one volunteered.   This will be addressed at the next meeting of the group.

New Business

Continuing book sale committee. When the new library opens, Library Friends members will need to manage the Friends book sale area. This entails putting out new books for sale, and, if necessary, soliciting more books for sale. Kaye Sodt and Mike Shea volunteered to head up this effort.

Program committee.  In the absence of other volunteers, Oren Campbell said he will continue to head up the program committee. Tamara Drake said she will help Oren with this.

Crab Cracker articles. Connie Hall said the advisory board wants to coordinate with the friends to write articles for the Crab Cracker, and that she has volunteered to coordinate this effort. She asked people to sign up to write the articles.

Next meeting

Ann Barbas made a motion to forego an August meeting of this group. Motion passed.  The next meeting of the Camano Island Library Friends will be September 24 in the meeting room of the new Camano Island Library at Terry’s Corner.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:15 p.m.


Respectfully submitted,

Gay Campbell, substituting for Secretary Norma Mouton

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