Camano Island Library Friends Meeting Minutes

March 26, 2015


Present:  Ann Barbas, Gay Campbell, Oren Campbell, Jackie DeFazio, Tamara Drake, Linda Fogg, Pam Fredericksen, Connie Hall, Gwen Heistad, Inez M. Hushaagan, David Menard, Norma Mouton, Ann Neupert, Nancy Patton, Barbara Scott, Kaye Sodt, Doris Taylor

Oren Campbell called the meeting to order at 6:56pm.


Secretary: Norma Mouton requested that an amendment be made to the February minutes adding Ann Neupert to those in attendance. Kaye Sodt moved to add Ann Neupert and Jackie DeFazio seconded the motion. The motion passed and the minutes were approved as amended.

Treasurer: Linda Fogg presented the Treasurer’s report stating that we have a balance of $12,876.30 as of March 26, 2015. Total expenses were $75.00 paid to the Camano Island Chamber of Commerce Home and Garden Show. Income for the month totaled $830.19.

Tamara Drake said that she will request reimbursement of the $75.00 from the Camano Island Chamber of Commerce Home and Garden show since we were not able to have a table that day after all.

VP/Membership: Oren Campbell advised us that we have a total of 96 members of the Camano Island Friends of the Library. He would make a list available through David Menard.

President: Becky Wietzke was unable to attend. There is no report.

Advisory Board: Ashley Petersen has been selected to serve on the Board. There will be three more slots coming open in May.

Sno-Isle: Nancy Patton had a follow-up report on a question that came up last fall: how to get new members. Sno-Isle has purchased access to 2 web casts on the subject. The first is “Who is the New Volunteer?” and lasts 35 minutes. Refreshments and an opportunity to comment on the subject will follow this presentation. The second is “How to Get Them to Join?” One morning will be set aside at the Lynwood, Coupeville and Snohomish libraries as well as the Service Center. The presentation at the Service Center will take place on June 13th from 10:30am to 12:30pm. Everyone is welcome to attend.

Nancy shared news about the Marysville Library Building. It is a City owned building and the City of Marysville has decided that they no longer want to be in the library business. The building will be turned over to Sno-Isle. Also Lake Stevens is looking for a location for a library. Their earliest ballot will be in November.

Nancy also advised us that the annual Friends’ event usually held in May will be held in October instead this year. Details will follow.

Camano Island Library: David Menard had no report at this time.

Building Committee: Gay Campbell reported that everything is progressing as scheduled.

Art Committee: Norma Mouton gave the floor to Connie Hall who presented the group with a letter stating the plan including methods and goals for fundraising for the permanent art for the new library. Jackie De Fazio began by explaining that the first part would entail giving everyone who worked to make this new library possible over the last 7 to 8 years the opportunity to contribute to the art. Once the goal of $5,500.00 is reached, any amount collected above that would go towards the second piece of art needed for the library.

Gay Campbell commented that she would like to see a substantial part of the Friend’s budget go towards purchasing permanent art for the library.

Oren stated that according to his understanding of the by-laws, Friend’s funds should go to programs.

Kaye Sodt suggested that the $2,000.00 requested by the artist for purchasing materials for the first piece selected should be given as a gift from Friend’s moneys and not as a loan.

Tom Sharp (?) moved that we accept and approve the written proposal submitted by the fundraising committee. Gay Campbell seconded the motion and it passed.

Kaye Sodt moved that the $2,000.00 need by the artist to purchase material necessary to begin the first permanent art project be given as a gift from the Friends to the fundraising budget. Barbara Scott seconded the motion and it passed.

Norma Mouton brought a visual with sketches prepared by the artist, Josh Henrie. She explained that these were preliminary drawings and that suggestions had been already made by the committee to effect a few changes from his original concept.

Old Business

David Menard mentioned that Earth Day would be celebrated at the Camano Community Center. The library has been offered a table with no fee. David said that he would be happy to man the table and that any member of the Friends group could help. The event is scheduled for Wednesday, April 22 from 3-7pm.

New Business

The subject of a possible scholarship came up and Gay Campbell moved that we table it until next month. Jackie DeFazio seconded the motion and it passed.


Tamara Drake presented a program on recycling called Terra Cycle with which she is involved. This is an international program and she asked that people sign up. This program could be used to make money for the Friends. For more information visit




The meeting was adjourned at 8:00pm.

The next meeting will be on Thursday, April 23 at 7:00pm.

Respectfully submitted,


Norma A. Mouton,


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