May 2015

Camano Island Library Friends Meeting Minutes

May 28, 2015


Present: Oren Campbell, Jackie DeFazio, Linda Fogg, Pam Fredericksen, Lori Hipp, Martha Huyler, Lyn Kelley, Rose King, David Menard, Norma Mouton, Ann Neupert, Nancy Pursel, Carole Schaefer, Karen Schmidt, Mike Shea, Susan Shea, Kay Sodt, liz Tarbet, Bill Thorn

Oren Campbell called the meeting to order at 7:00pm.

The meeting began with the program. Ms. Carole Schaefer, a children’s author related how she came to be a children’s author. She has published 35 books to date and works with Candlewick Press.



Secretary: Karen Schmidt requested a correction to the minutes for the April 23, 2015 meeting. She wanted clarification stating that she did not suggest the upcoming book sale, but rather that the idea arose in discussion among the members present. Jackie DeFazio moved that the minutes be approved as corrected and Ann Neupert seconded. The motion passed and the minutes were approved as corrected.

Treasurer: Linda Fogg presented the Treasurer’s report. As of May 28, 2015, the Friends have a balance of $11,365.44. Total expenses for May were $27.22 and the income for May was $284.04.

VP/Membership: Oren Campbell stated that we currently have 113 members.

President: There is no report.

Advisory Board: Pam Fredericksen stated that three new members need to be selected to serve on the Board. There are currently a total of 11 applicants. Interviews will be held on upcoming Mondays.

Sno-Isle: Nancy Pursel (previously Patton) advised us that the Friends recognition event usually held in May has been moved to the Fall. This year the event is scheduled for Saturday, October 3, at the Future of Flight Museum in Mukilteo at 10:30a.m. It will include an abbreviated combined Friends and Board meeting with time for networking and lunch. The event should conclude by 2:00p.m.

Nancy Pursel also mentioned that there would be two upcoming webcasts that we were welcomed to attend: the first would be on June 6 at the Snohomish Library and the second would be on June 13 at the Service Center. Both webcasts would begin at 10:30a.m. Titles for the two sections presented at both locations are 1) “Who is Today’s Volunteer?” and 2) “How Do I Get Them to Join?” She also left us a list of the most borrowed books.

Camano Island Library: David Menard advised the group that the CILF budget plan is changing. It also looks like the new library facility will be opening in August and so the current facility would have to close for two weeks in July in order to effect the move. Given the timing of the opening for the new facility, programs usually scheduled for that time would be moved to the Fall. Programs currently scheduled and requiring funding include 1) Jeff Evans, magician, with two programs one at Elger Bay and one at Utsalady Elementary Schools, cost $950.00, 2) The Explore Tech Day teen program with food and prizes, cost $150.00, and the Explore Summer reading for 40 hours with a Kindle reader as a prize, cost $108.59. Jackie DeFazio moved that we fund all these programs. Liz Tarbet seconded the motion and the motion passed.

Old Business


Building Committee: The group was advised that progress on construction is posted on our Facebook page.

Art Committee: Norma Mouton related the progress being made by Josh Henrie on the sculpture. She also stated that she had surveyed the interior of the new facility with the Building Committee to assess where other permanent pieces could be located. One piece would be in the multi-purpose room (approximately 3’x3’x3’) to hang in front of the window. Two pieces would hang in the reading room. One would be high on the wall that is at a right angle to the tall window (approximately 4’4”x5’) and the other would be a short but long piece (approximately 14’10”x2’) that would be hung on the beam opposite the tall window. The fourth permanent piece would be the mobile in the Children’s room. She also advised the group that two pieces have already been funded: 1) a piece offered by John Ebner to be located against the north wall under the two goose neck lamps already installed. This piece would be a metal sculpture produced by the students at Stanwood High School under Ebner’s supervision and would be completed in December of 2015 or January of 2016, and 2) a stained glass piece by Jack Archibald given by Stuart Wyatt in memory Carol Wilkerson.

Jackie DeFazio stated that a mailing went out to those who worked on the library campaign asking them to contribute to the funding for the sculpture being prepared by Josh Henrie. The deadline for funding this piece is the end of June.

Book Sale: Karen Schmidt notified the group that many books had been donated by the Stanwood Library Friends and CASA and that she was running out of storage space. She also stated that she needed someone to pick up the books being donated by CASA. Rose King volunteered to pick them up.

Norma Mouton reminded the group that we will need to fill two positions for the Fall: 1) Secretary and 2) VP/Membership. Oren Campbell volunteered to head the nominating committee for those positions.

Discussion followed concerning meetings during the summer months, but it was decided to table this point for the June 25th meeting since we needed more concrete information concerning the move to the new library.

New Business

Liz Tarbet wanted everyone to be aware of the June 6th Camano Island Safety and Preparedness Fair. It is a free event to be held from 10-2 with a hot dog lunch at noon and includes informative seminars.

Ann Neupert voiced concern over the parking situation after the new library facility opens. David Menard assured her that we could use the park and ride as overflow parking.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:00p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Norma Mouton, Secretary

Camano Island Library Friends

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