October 2015

Camano Island Library Friends Meeting

October 22, 2015

In attendance:  Jim Ayers, Ann Barbas, Jackie DeFazio, Tamara Drake, Pam Fredericksen, Martha Huyler, Inez M. Hushagen, David Menard, Mary Raymond, Barbara Scott, and Kaye Sodt.  This meeting was recorded with permission of the group with no objections.

Meeting was called to order 7:00pm by Vice President, Jim Ayers, and introduced our guest speaker, Jean Shumate, Superintendant of Stanwood School District. Tamara Drake asked Jean Shumate her permission to record the presentation, and she verbally accepted.

Presentation relayed information regarding the ballot levy measure and future high school proposal. Future meetings are available to the public.  See the attached handouts for more information.  To hear a recording of Jean Shumate’s talk, please request it from Tamara Drake.

Secretary Report– Minute meetings for July and September 2015 were approved as written.  Tamara Drake pointed out copies available and relayed the minute meetings are kept on our website, www.CamanoIslandLibraryFriends.org, and are available as a link on Mail Chimp email reminders for meetings.  A brief discussion on weather emails were being received and review the process will be continued in future meetings, Jim offered to assist Tamara with that.  Lists of social connections were available to take, which are the following:

Social Media Connections:

Facebook:    Camano Island Library Friends

Website:       www.CamanoIslandLibraryFriends.org

Twitter:         @CamanoLibFrenz

Shutterfly:    https://camanoislandlibraryfriends.shutterfly.com/

Email:          Camlibrfriends@gmail.com


Treasure Report– Linda Fogg requested Tamara Drake to read the financial report:

Expenses:            $19.54:  Flowers for library dedication ceremony,  paid to Norma Mouton (check #2190)

Income:            $200.19: Coastal Bank interest: $1.47, membership dues: $10.00, book sales: $188.72

Balance:     $12, 195.25.

President Report- None.

Vice President Report– None.  However he has a great idea!

Jim Ayers presented an idea to help generate more memberships to build a Christmas tree by purchasing a membership one leaf at a time.  Give the Library to your Friends! Jim will send email to those present for feedback.  Martha brought up…why do we want money?  What’s our goal as Friends?  Jackie DeFazio questioned our intensions for types of programs to support, and to take a closer look at why we want to raise money and what to spend it on.  This will be further evaluated.

Jim Ayers also informs us of some changes coming into our area near the library. Per conversation with Jeff Ericson, some new business will fill in the new buildings such as Topas Restaurant, Pope Chiropractic, and Jeff’s offices.   Around January the Camano Island Roaster coffee shop is going to close down for remodeling for a French bakery, Pierre –and the coffee shop will return as well.


Advisory Report- Mary Raymond informed us that we were well represented at the Volunteer Appreciation Banquet Oct 3rd; we were the stars of the show!  They had video showing the grand opening!

Our student representatives on the Sno-Isle board presented the question of what the Library can do for suicide prevention and help fund some teen events. One of them is coming up (Teen Reading Celebration Oct 30th).

TedEx is coming up Nov 6th, we have 39 sign ups, per David Menard.


Sno-Isle Report- David Menard kindly presents on behalf of Nancy Purscel that she would most definitely point out that it’s Friends of the Library Week!  David was given by Nancy a special declaration from the Sno-Ilse board of trustees, passed in a regular session, July 27th, 2015, which states this week is officially Friends of the Library Week.   David reads a little note from Nancy expressing her appreciation and heartfelt gratitude for all we do. Thanks! — Nancy Purscel.

David Menard also has another letter from Josh Henrie, the artist of the basalt Pillar of Wisdom who explained his gratitude and reassuring maintenance plan. He writes:

Dear Camano Island Library Friends,

The library sculpture is now finished and installed in its designated location. Thank you again for selecting me.  This is a great journey from start to end.  I have a coat of wax buffed onto the fine sanded areas to keep the nice dark basalt look.  When it comes to maintaining it, it should be easy.  However in the years to come, if it looks like ware or fading or defacing of the sculpture, please contact me.  I can fix most issues as they arise with age or damage.  I will work for a small fee that will probably take a day or two.  I am very proud of what I made for the library.  And I hope many will for many years to come!

David explains he lists a breakdown his expenditures in terms of what he had to pay. The budget was $5,000.  We gave him a $2,000 advance, and we paid the remainder $3,000.


Camano Library Report- David Menard presents a plan to have the children’s program committee develop a rough budget for the year.  At this time they are planning to have programs each month for adults, teens, children, and summer activities.  A list of expenditures was emailed ahead of time for review.  David presented each one verbally.  Click here to view it on our website.

$100 Vikki Gasko Green, Ventriloquist   (Nov 7th)

$100 Missy Andersen, Mason Bees Program (Oct 23rd)

$166.83 Lego supplies for children’s programs (on-going monthly)

Jim Ayer requested a motion to approve the finances for $366.83. Mary Raymond made the motion, Pam seconded it. All in favor, no one opposed.

David continued to present expenditure: lighting outdoor sculpture purchase $2,014.22.  Jackie DeFazio questioned if this was built into the Sno-Isle Art Fund matching fund bequest.  She will check into this and let us know.

Angie and Becki (library staff) are putting together a celebration for Teen Read month where they share their favorite books. On October 30th, 3-6pm, they will have pizza, face painting, and puzzles.  Receipts will trickle in for this as well!

David Menard also mentioned his gratitude for the card from the Friends, and wanted to let us know his staff was great in filling in for him with great ideas and improvements with the library.

Art Committee Report- Ann Barbara relayed we are in process of choosing the art piece for the Reading Room.  We had 6 proposals, and we are down to 2!  Soon to be announced!

Old Business:
Dolly Parton Imagination Library was revisited briefly to consider donating $1,000.00 to the Rotary.  Jim Ayer asked Tamara Drake to help explain that in our February minutes we had agreed to set aside some funds pending our budget.  Since there is a smaller group, this will be discussed in next month’s meeting.  In the mean time, Ann Barbas suggested to look at the Friends Meetings Minutes, and have a copy of the brochure in reference of the program.  Tamara Drake will make those available next meeting, and send out an email as well for review.
Please see below.

Jackie DeFazio pointed out it would be interesting to find out from Sno-Isle how many other Friends groups go outside of the organization and ask donations. Perhaps we can ask Nancy Purscel.  Jackie says, “I just think it’s always something to think about, not that I am opposed to other organizations.  But I would like to see if that is a standard procedure?  Lots of other organizations have policy on how they do that”.   Ann Barbas concurred, that it would deplete our funds pretty quick, and suggested we should come up with some criteria for that.

Jackie DeFazio encouraged us to consider how we want to spend our money. Lots of organizations would like our money!

New business:

David Menard mentioned our November meeting and likewise for December would be a week earlier. All agreed.

Martha relayed that CASA is having micro chipping done this Saturday. In this case they have specific sponsors for this event for cats or dog micro chipping.  Spread the word!

Web Admin Report- Tamara Drake informed the website has come to a full year and has been renewed for $26 yearly fee.  All agreed to support this!

Meeting adjourned 8:03pm.

Respectfully submitted,

Tamara Drake

Next Meeting: November 19th 7pm.

Presentation Handouts: see below.





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