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The following was scribed from a recording of the meeting.

Here you will find more in depth conversation, content, reasoning, and details.

Camano Island Library Friends Meeting Minutes

September 24, 2015

Present: Ann Barbas, Oren & Gay Campbell, Jackie DeFazio, Tamara Drake, Linda Fogg, Patt Foss, Inez M. Hushagen, Dena Marie, Diane Moran, Norma Mouton, Ann Neupert, Nancy Pursel, Barbara Scott, Mike Shea, Susan Shea, Kaye Sodt, Liz Tarbet, Doris Taylor, Bill Thorn, and Becky Wietzke.

Call to Order:  The President called the meeting to order at 7:00pm, and welcomed visitor, Diane Moran, Jackie DeFazio’s sister.

President: Becky Wietzke reports the following:

There is no agenda to follow as typically they are emailed to David Menard, who has a family emergency. Karen Schmidt conveyed a notice of David’s absence for 2 weeks, and the staff wanted us to know they will be filling in the gaps and helping us any way they can.  A special card was signed to relay our heartfelt condolences and warm thoughts in this hard time.  Also Becky’s ability to attend future meetings for November, December, and January will be limited, and she will be in touch with Jim Ayer for filling in.

Becky Wietzke also thanked Tamara Drake for stepping up into Secretary Position, and encourages anyone to help share the responsibility as she needs it, to please speak to Becky or Tamara directly.

Treasurer: Lin Fogg reviewed  financial report.


Date Payee Item(s) Amount Total
Karen Schmidt Book Sale $111.10
Linda Fogg Book of Stamps $9.80


7/31/15 Coastal Bank Interest $1.33
8/31/15 Coastal Bank Interest $1.44
Membership Dues $24.41
August 1, 2015 Grand opening event weekend Book Sales $1,014.23
August 2015 Book Sales $266.72
September Book Sales $339.90

Thanks to Oren for the book sale (over $1K) August!

New VP, Jim Ayers, next month to welcome him!

President: No report.  Made announcements and acknowledgements stated above.

Advisory Board. No report.

Nancy Pursel: Sno-Isle :  Congrats to us!  We’re meeting in our new room!

  1. Invitation Oct 3rd Board of Recognition 9:30am/10am forum State of the Library (what’s going on, and the future plans). Breakout sessions for information from us. Lunch. David Menard is book talker of 3. 45 books!
  2. Reminder: Ted X. Sno-Isle (short inspiration power presentations). 11/6. Response: excellent! Live: sold out. 700 seats reserved. Plan: live stream to 10 libraries. Including ours! You’ll need to register for this. Come and watch it live stream.
  3. Sno-Isle working on 10 year facilities plan. We are looking at all communities, and libraries, along with consultants. What kind of libraries do we need, what are demographics, etc. We’re looking for feedback, information from communities via online, meetings. (Our libraries will not be part of this plan since it is so recent, but others yes.) How do you like your library to give you, and to use.
  4. A new reading list. (A new booklist for everyone)

Karen Schmidt was asked by Angie to relay information on behalf of David Menard.  The teen section of the library is very busy!!!  Well used.  To continue this flow, the Stanwood and Camano libraries have teamed up and are featuring events for teens for the end of tween read month.  The Camano Library are asking $121 maximum for face painting and supplies to help with the event. The number of people in the library has also doubled, and some days have even been more!  They are looking to hire more staff to help with all the work!  They are sharing a page with the Stanwood Library to keep afloat.  It is very exciting for the staff to see the love from the community!

Gay Campbell motioned that we support the Teen event monetarily with $121.00 for teen read month closing event. Norma Mouton seconded, Becky Wietzke acknowledged the move and seconded motions.  All in favor.  None opposed.  It was passed unanimously.

Art Committee: Norma Moulton reports an upcoming meeting on Sept 30th.   They will discuss and assess the 4-5 submissions for the latest piece.  And evaluating how they will go forward with our schedule for the other art pieces.

Jacki DeFazio relayed on behalf of Connie Hall regarding the Art Dedication Event this Saturday, September 26th, 2-4pm.  Refreshments will be provided by the High School Culinary Arts and Norma Mouton will provide gutton free treats.  This is a special dedication that honors the folks that worked the campaign to help save the Camano Library.   Tamara Drake mentioned she posted on Facebook of this event to help raise awareness.

Jackie DeFazio also reminded all that the Sno-Isle Trustee meets this Monday, September 28th at 5pm.  She highly encouraged CILF members to show up to show our support.   Jackie was hopeful that Jim Ayers and Becky Wietzke could attend.  The Sno-Isle showed good faith to fund the new location of the Camano Library.  Please come! Sept 28th 5pm.

Program Coordinator, Oren Campbell introduced Dena Marie, Camano Island Chamber of Commerce, Director of Tourism and Operations.  Click here to read it in full.

New Business:


  1. Book Sale Overage and Excessive Donation Storage Space

Oren Campbell referred to Mike Shea for explaining a couple problems with book sales:

Dena Marie approached Mike Shea of sales idea: $1/bag.  Susan and Mike Shea put all the books on tables, and made them available to public viewing from 3-6pm.  It was a huge success!  However, they needed a better way to exit the leftover books, and provide storage.

Also Mike Shea voiced a concern of the need to control donations due to space.

Nancy Pursel made a few suggestions as this does happen in other Friend’s groups.

  1. Poster showing donation needed/full
  2. Box them up. Mark it mixed genre or label it “adult” for example. Contact Sno-Isle Service Department and we will send our delivery guys who will return them to the service station.  Often Friends groups contact Nancy Pursel requesting for certain genre.  Now it’s easy to grab and send to them or you.  Just pay for tape.

Oren Campbell stated in a pinch, they utilized the display space meant for exhibits as a temporary measure. It would be great to box it up.   Jackie DeFazio mentioned an article in the SC News who was looking for book donations.  Oren Campbell had been trying to get a hold of the Stanwood Friends person, but no response, as they are on vocation.  This weekend, Oren is going to visit his daughter.  She is on the library board and he would appreciate any help to bring over extra books to the Arlington Library who is going to have their books sale next week.

Ann Neupert interjects it might be a double message to people to have a poster in thinking the Camano Library might not need if they have too many, and by-pass to someone who always needs them. 


Ann Neupert suggests we should just let the donations keep going, and utilize the Sno-Isle Service Station that can accept boxed and labeled donated books for other Friends groups.

Bill Thorn informs us of his observations at the Camano Transfer Station. The blue metal containers for accepting clothing donations, also accepts books. He witnessed a lady putting fairly decent books into this receptacle!


Meeting Room Set Up Delegation Request

Karen Schmidt suggests that we set up a designated person(s) to help set up and tear down the room. It was discussed and suggested by Liz Tarbet, Karen Schmidt, Becky Wietzke, Ann Neupert, Bill Thorn on the various ways to set up the chairs and tables, and what the duty entails.

Solution: Tamara Drake suggested a rotation between the committees could take turns and let that committee (1-2 people) decide how to set up. She can put a kind reminder of whose turn it is along with our upcoming meeting reminders via email.

Tamara Drake and Ann Neuport volunteered to set up for October coming 15 minutes early. Becky Wietzke mentioned to make a note for next month’s agenda to decide further on weather a quarterly assignment or monthly is necessary.

Coffee Pot Available:

Liz Talbot informed us of the coffee pot donated by Hats (formerly Camano Tomatoes) is available for use for future events.

Tamara Drake presented updates for Facebook, 85 likes, and continues to post local events such as the upcoming art Dedication Sept 26th in honor of Josh Henrie.

Becky Wietzke announces her limited attendance due to a church function and she will be in touch with Jim Ayers for his presence for our meetings.

No other new business.

Meeting adjourned at 7:46pm.

Respectfully Submitted,

Tamara Drake


First Last
Bill  Thorn
Oren Campbell
Gay Campbell
Jackie DeFazio
Tamara Drake
Linda Fogg
Pat Foss
Inez M. Hushagen
Dena Marie
Diane Moran
Norma Mouton
Ann Neupert
Nancy Pursel
Karen Schmidt
Barbara Scott
Mike Shea
Susan Shea
Kaye Sodt
Liz Tarbet
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