September 2015

Camano Island Library Friends Meeting Minutes

September 24, 2015

Present: Ann Barbas, Oren & Gay Campbell, Jackie DeFazio, Tamara Drake, Linda Fogg, Patt Foss, Inez M. Hushagen, Dena Marie, Diane Moran, Norma Mouton, Ann Neupert, Nancy Pursel, Barbara Scott, Mike & Susan Shea, Kaye Sodt, Liz Tarbet, Doris Taylor, Bill Thorn, and Becky Wietzke.

Call to Order:  The President called the meeting to order at 7:00pm, and welcomed visitor, Diane Moran, Jackie DeFazio’s sister.

President: Becky Wietzke informs the following:

There is no agenda to follow as typically they are emailed to David Menard, who has a family emergency. Karen Schmidt conveyed a notice of David’s absence for 2 weeks, and the staff wanted us to know they will be filling in the gaps and helping us any way they can.  A special card was signed to relay our heartfelt condolences and warm thoughts in this hard time.  Also Becky’s ability to attend future meetings for November, December, and January will be limited, and she will be in touch with Jim Ayer for filling in.

Becky Wietzke also thanked Tamara Drake for stepping up into Secretary Position, and encourages anyone to help share the responsibility as she needs it, to please speak to Becky or Tamara directly.

Guest Speaker:  Dena Marie, Director of Events for the Camano Island Chamber of Commerce presented information on local events, and how the Chamber can benefit the Camano Island Library Friends (CILF) by media networking, advertising, rights to come to Chamber meetings, and coming to events.

To Read More about her Presentation:  Click here:


Secretary:  No report.

Treasurer: Linda Fogg stating that we had a balance of $12,014.60.  Expenses were $120.90, Income was: $1,620.85.  To see a detailed list, click here.

Advisory Board: No report.


Nancy Pursel shared some events and announcements coming up.

  1. Forum and Recognition Evening: Oct 3rd, 9:30am-(State of the Library and the anticipated future of the library presented by Jonnalyn Woolf-Ivory). Also, a presentation on 45 books in 45 minutes by 3 book tellers. One of them is David Menard!
  2. TedX Sno-Isle (Nov 6th) will utilize the Community Room at Camano Library to live stream a simulcast from many professionals who are passionate about their occupation. Only 10 libraries were selected.
  3. Presented the new reading list of the Top 100 Titles is available.

David Menard, Camano Island Library Manger (absent) relayed information through Angie and presented by Karen Schmidt about the Teen Reading Celebration Oct 29th 3-6pm and requested funds ($121.00) for face painting, pizza, and supplies.

Gay Campbell motioned that we support the Teen event monetarily with $121.00 for teen read month closing event. Norma Mouton seconded, Becky Wietzke acknowledged the move and seconded motions.  All in favor.  None opposed.  It was passed unanimously.

Old Business

Norma Mouton as Art Committee Chair reminds members their upcoming meeting on Sept 30th to review proceedings for placement of art in the library. Rotating art will be considered at a later date.

New Business

Overstock Books

Oren Campbell and Mike Shea conversed about overstock of books at times for book sales. Nancy Purcel suggested the Sno-Isle can provide a service if we label it a certain genre, and let it go to Services Department where it can be used for other Friends groups within Sno-Isle.

Table Set-up Chore Delegation Request

Karen Schmidt requested we talk about delegating chore for table set ups. After discussion, Tamara Drake suggested a rotational job between committees of 2 people, and an email reminder within the meeting notices.  Tamara Drake and Ann Neuport volunteered for next meeting. Becky Wietzke advises we should talk more about this next meeting.

Coffee Pot Usage

Liz Talbot informed us of the coffee pot donated by Hats (formerly Camano Tomatoes) is available for use for future events.

Web Admin Report:  Tamara Drake presented updates for Facebook, 85 likes, and continues to post local events such as the upcoming art Dedication Sept 26th in honor of Josh Henrie.

No other new business.

Meeting adjourned at 7:46pm.

Respectfully submitted,

Tamara Drake


P.S.  the Previous Outline of the Minutes is a short version of the actual transcript.

Do you like details???  Then view more in depth details and actual conversations and suggestions, click here.

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