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Be a Friend!  Help the Library.  Please make a donation.

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Our Mission Statement

  The Camano Island Library Friends advocate, educate and raise funds for programs, services, materials and equipment for our library in partnership with Sno-Isle Libraries.


What does a Friends of the Library do?

Keep Reading! Here’s a news clip from Stanwood Camano News

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In order to support Camano Library programs, the budget proposed based on previous years and future needs by request from the Camano Library Manager, expenses of $6,750 is needed for this year!  See January 2016 meeting for details.

Please consider a generous donation as part of your membership and support.  Adult, Teen, and children programs depend on our support from the Friends!

 Love Your Library


It will take you to a secure PayPal site. 

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Near the end of the year, we will have a Memorial Book showing great pictures of the programs you helped to make possible.  And similarly to what is found in other non-profit organizations such as Hope, these levels and names of supporters will be listed.

We hope this will resonate the importance of supporting library programs truly mean to the community.  You and I help make available useful tools of knowledge and skills available through the library to our children’s children.

Thank you for your support!

Thank you Sno-Isle graphics department for supporting efforts in producing and getting this card out to all library card holders of Camano Island at no expense.  We hope you’ll see this little brochure from the Sno-Isle in your mail box soon.  You may also pick one up at Camano Library.   Here’s a preview!

Anyone can be a BEST FRIEND to the Camano Library

What does a friend of the library do?

A friend helps support the extra programs and supplemental needs of our library.

What are some of these needs?

We support monthly adult, teen and children enrichment programs such as

  • The Gift of the Artist’s Way
  • End of Life Planning & Advanced Directives
  • Local author panel discussions
  • Stanwood Together We Read
  • Teen Friday Matinee
  • Teen Cooking in Mugs
  • Explore Summer kick-off event
  • Program supplies, book prizes and reading prizes for these programs.

OTHER NEEDS: Audio Visual equipment for highly used Community Room, flash drives, and fax cards.

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 Buy eBay – Donate to Us

List the Camano Island Library Friends as your Favorite Charity, so when ever you buy/sell on eBay, they’ll automatically send us some funds! Click below!
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Camano Island Library Friends is a non- profit charitable organization as per 501 (c)3 of Internal Revenue Service code, therefore…  All membership dues and donations are tax deductible.  

Your membership and contribution is annual fiscal year: June 30-July 1st.  You will receive a letter statement of your fiscal year contributions.

Payments by check may be mailed to the following address:
Camano Island Library Friends

848 N. Sunrise Blvd

Camano Island, WA 98282

Membership/Donation forms are available at Camano Library by the book sale shelves.  Stop in today!

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Thank you for supporting Camano Island Library Friends.

Questions?  Email/Contacts us! Thank you!

$ Donation – Enter $5 or more please- Click “Donate” Donate Button with Credit Cards THANK YOU!

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