Thank you to our volunteers this past week for informing people about how you and I support the programs offered at Camano Island Library.

You see, programs such as Lego Quest, Story time, Mushrooms, Natural Disaster Preparation, Comi-Con Event, Movies for Teens, all just a few that is made possible with your membership and donations.

The library was saved with voter’s support for the building only!  Now it’s up to us to utilize the resources through Sno-Isle Libraries; and help fund our programs.

To see events within Sno-Isle Library, go to:  You can narrow down your search to your area and find the latest greatest; or plan ahead when kids are out of school, or when to make a special time for you!

Membership fiscal year is from Sept 1 – Aug 31st.  Connie Hall, our Vice President and membership coordinator just loves to send you a welcome letter, and thank you card for your contribution.  If you have any questions, please email her at

To make a donation, please visit our paypal donation page:

Your support matters!

Happy Holidays!

Tamara Drake

Secretary & Web Admin

Published by Green Goddess

Live by example. Find what can be recycled near you and NOT near you, and you'll see there's another world of recycleable things. Know this, you can do your best within you time and make a small habit change into a sustainable living pattern for something bigger than you. I challenge you!

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