Honored Guests

Thank you to our

Honored Guests!

Our meetings are very special when we have an honored guest to help further our education!

It is exciting to hear what each speaker has to offer in their expertise.

As this list will continue to be updated, here is a reflection of our past guests.

Meeting Special Speaker Position Company Topic
September 2014 John Hammond Retired Executive Director Washington News Council How he has fielded complaints from readers, listeners and viewers about the state’s news media for the past 15 years. He discussed efforts of the Washington News Council to mediate these complaints.Lesson:  As we are all journalists writing in blogs and using social media, he encourages the Tao promise to write responsibly.
October 2014 Dan Koffman Camano Artist The Koffman Gallery He shared is story with Lisa, the Elephant, and what the sculptures mean at Freedom Park.
November 2014 Andy Bottin Coach Mariners’ minor league system He explained our through positive encouragement, player’s confidence increases exponentially!
December 2014 Jim Shipley Owner, Chief Editor Crab Cracker Community articles wanted!  He stressed the importance of posting/presenting ALL events for the community.
January 2015 Lydia D. Crouch Chief Editor (NW Magazine)Co-Founder (Show & Tell Northwest Moms Magazine Lydia is also co-founder and director with her husband, Rich, of Show and Tell Family Productions, a local drama organization.

If you’d like to be a special speaker, please contact us today!

If you were at a meeting, feel free to leave a comment about what you learned or enjoyed about our special speaker’s presentation.

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