On September 24, 2015, Program Coordinator, Oren Campbell introduced Dena Marie, Camano Island Chamber of Commerce, Director of Tourism and Operations.

She informed the Friends of her location in the red “caboose” right by our Camano Library and invites us to stop by. She can help us with promoting events through the Chamber and on Facebook and getting the word out.  She works with many businesses and FBLA kids (Future Business Leaders of America) and mentorship programs for the kids.

The Chamber helps promote business, and by providing events, the chamber is able to do that.

View Chamber’s E-Newsletter with many offers and specials from local businessesclick here.

The main events are Chili-Chowder (November 14th at the Camano Center), Glass Quest, and the Sno-Goose.  They are going to be much bigger events with the chamber’s support.  Connections with people are important.  The events through the chamber allow people to come out and meet each other all year around.  The Port Susan Home and Garden Show is another big event with speakers such as Cisco in March.  The Beer Bratz and Biz gave way to our first music festival at Freedom Park right by the library!  The Chamber helps people come together just like the library does.  Dena’s passion is bringing in people.  She also has a magazine, Seattle Awakenings, and has a radio show that promotes, people, places and activities that will lift your Spirits.  See below.

Lift Your Spirits with Dena Marie!

Dena Marie, Director of Events for Camano Island Chamber of Commerce Visits the Friends!
Dena Marie, Director of Events for Camano Island Chamber of Commerce Visits the Friends…and Lifts Yours Spirits!

1150 KKNW AM

Alternative Talk Radio Seattle

Listen on Line!

Every Friday from 8 a.m. – 9 a.m. tune in to let Dena Marie provide you with new ways to grow and play, you will be inspired to achieve both while having fun on your journey. Lift Your Spirits with Dena Marie will introduce you to fascinating people, help you discover inspiring places to visit and encourage you to embrace activities that will lift your spirits.

She continues to inform us that Tamara Drake had a news brief about our library and they talked about it on the show. Also she’s happy to report the Chamber has awarded 2 scholarships to some kids she knows.  This year the Chamber invests into our future and gave $2,000.00 to the high school and the FBLA kids.  George Colby is the director of the FBLA kids and Dena has been able to connect with the FBLA kids.  Now they come to her office and work with her.

She relayed her story of the library, that it’s a safe place to stay. People confide with librarians from time to time.

Another event coming up with the chamber is the Litter Clean up. Tamara Drake, a volunteer with Waste Wise and the FBLA kids are helping with this, too!

She showed us the Camano Island Map she tells so many people what’s going on—when and where—she welcomes the Friends to come to the office is you need something to do! (Karla Matzke, NW Canopy Tours, Cama Beach Café, and many more!)  If you need help connecting or promoting and event, she is there for us!

Camano Studio Tour Map Website: Click here.

And remember, as members of the Chamber, any member of the Camano Island Library Friends can also attend their meetings as well.  Newsletters are sent via email, but you can always stop by the little red building by the library.

Becky affirmed the safe haven the library provides, and what a wonderful staff we have!


Thank you, Dena Marie for coming!  We enjoyed hearing from you and what the Chamber has to offer to help our community succeed.

Respectfully Submitted,

Tamara Drake

Secretary/Web Admin


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As posted on Facebook and on our website: www.CamanoIslandLibraryFriends.org

Our guest speaker tonight at the Camano Island Library Friends was Dena Marie, Director of Events with the Camano Island Chamber of Commerce. A big thank you to Dena Marie for sharing her inspirations and passions in letting us know. And what the Chamber of Camano Island does for the community and her role as the Director of Events.  As our community intertwines with each other, she helps promote events, guides people to know what to do in our area, and as a result we all have more fun! Promoting the Island and bringing business in is a huge part of networking. The Glass quest, Port Susan Home Garden Show, and working with the FBLA kids (Future Business Leaders of America), are a few she helps coordinate for the chamber, and does an awesome job! She is a vital key to all our businesses! Thank you, Dena, for this great information and how the Friends (being members of the Chamber) have great connections!

The next big event is the Chili Chowder Cook-off, where businesses invite everyone to come together, and see who makes the best Chili or Chowder…while getting to know one other! What a great way to have a little fun when it’s cold outside! (Nov 14th at the Camano Center). They still have more room for more groups to make their awesome recipe for chili! Prizes and raffles will be awarded!



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